Director Marcus Nispel told Empire recently. “Leo absolutely blew me away. I was on the plane to Bulgaria and I watched GI Joe, and this kid was there in a flashback doing sword fights, and it turned out he was a four-times world champion martial artist in his age range and had huge acting experience. He had the chops. Almost the entire first act of Conan is the kid, which is unheard of. At the start, reading the script, everyone was like ‘We have to cut that down to ten minutes’. And now everyone’s like ‘Can we make that longer?!’ He worked out like a charm. There aren’t many young actors who could carry that sort of weight.” Read More

By admin on July 20, 2011

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By admin on June 18, 2011

Leo Howard and Jason Earles live with with Radio Disney’s Jake on the Kickin’ It set.

By admin on June 10, 2011