Leo Howard and instructor Matt Mullins founder of SideSwipe Performance Team ( practice some cool moves for Leo’s November 2009  Black Belt Magazine photo shoot/ interview. Leo is described by writer Edward Pollard of Black Belt Magazine as “The Hardest Working Preteen in the Biz.” Click the kicking picture to read the article. We hope you enjoy it.

By admin on October 9, 2009

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I’ve had a lot of exciting things happening lately. The last few days we filmed some really cool Leo Little’s..It was a blast and you are going to laugh when you see them. Also we are doing some Sideswipe Shows in San Diego and LA this week. Keep in mind if you live in the San Diego area, we are doing a live Sideswipe Martial Arts Performance on FOX 5 NEWS early Thursday morning Jan 28th. Stay positive and work hard at all you do. Many thanks for all of your support and comments. Bye for now. LEO

By admin on October 5, 2009

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Hey guys what’s up. First of all, thank you for all of your support. I just got finished with a long trek of events. First I filmed a couple episodes of “Leo Little’s Big Show”. A week later I was invited to Selena Gomez’s Kiss and Tell Album release party. Then I filmed more Disney episodes. (I’m not allowed to tell you what …..but it was wayyyy cool and you are gonna love it ;) ). But all in all it has been a blast. Get back to you guys and girls soon.

By leo on October 4, 2009

Hey guys its me again. I had a great time in Orlando. We worked and played really hard and its nice to be home. I just noticed someone is impersonating me AGAIN, this time on Twitter. Also they are using profanities and advising people on acting. As i have said before and I will say it again, all communication from me will be through my blog here on my official website So thank u guys and try to spread the word that that person is not me.
Thanks for all, LEO

By leo on August 30, 2009

I have recently been asked by one my online buddies if I have a Myspace. Sorry guys……I DO NOT HAVE A MYSPACE. All information posted by me will be done here on my website blog. Please don’t be fooled by impostors. Thanks Alexander for making me aware. Have a great day..LEO

By leo on August 23, 2009

Hey guys just got back in town for a few days before I leave again for Orlando, Florida. I’m going to Disney World to film a couple of Leo Little’s Big Show episodes. They are giving us passes to the park so I’m super excited for that. It’s gonna be a blast. Have a good one! LEO.
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By leo on August 22, 2009