Hey guys its me again. I had a great time in Orlando. We worked and played really hard and its nice to be home. I just noticed someone is impersonating me AGAIN, this time on Twitter. Also they are using profanities and advising people on acting. As i have said before and I will say it again, all communication from me will be through my blog here on my official website www.leo-howard.com. So thank u guys and try to spread the word that that person is not me.
Thanks for all, LEO

317 Responses to “Sorry Guys I don’t have a Twitter Account.”

  1. i wonder y ppl wuld do dat i meen that is so annoying wgen ppl do dat.

  2. i meant when

  3. I’d hate it if somebody tried to impersonate me. Only I am me.

  4. Hello again Leo.
    Im glad that you had a good time in Orlando. You deserve a vacation.
    Just letting you know that I am YOUR BIGGEST FAN.
    (A little dramatic, I know…)
    But I love seeing you in your movies.
    I saw Shorts again just to watch you. Haha.
    (Stalker much? Eh…)
    Anyways, Im still expecting an email from you. =D

    Oh and p.s, you are so cute. =D


  5. Hey Leo,
    I know, I don’t why people keep doing that. I’m glad you had a great time in Orlando. I’m going in a few months. It should be fun. Talk to ya soon.

    See Ya,

  6. ley leo. i hate pepple like that! well i wanted to tell you i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that i know your website i love u! bye!!!

  7. Oh my gosh Leo i feel bad for you ppl pretend to be you and USEING PROFANITY TO! my mom yelled at my ex bf for useing profanity at me he juss kept dewing it nd then he got grounded the grounded part RLY RLY! funny haha well love yah Leo!

  8. Eh not to be a bother Leo but dew yew gotta facebook cus i searched you nd it says you have one??? GAWSH STUPID INPOSTERS nd nd your myspace one was useing profanity to just an f.y.i. cus i was talking to et so yeah

  9. i kinda dont get what profanity meens lol im kinda not that smart

  10. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s me impersonating u. I told everyone I wood make up a fake twitter of u and I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! srry leo. plz forgive me.

  11. Yeah but why would you use profanities? nd kenzi profanities is…i will tell you in email kk hun?

  12. wut? i didn’t use “bad” words.

  13. where did u come up with that. all i said was hey guys check out my website at leo-howard.com.

  14. Okay Leo This Is Serious im not trying to sound stupid but please make a blog and tell me this is really The Leo Howard Dont get me wrong i do think its you but im not quit shure see im stupid LOL seriously people think im stupid so yeah and i am known for busting fakes and more sutff you dont need to hear cus not important but as i was saying yeah can you just make a blog or something as proof sorry if its a bother but yeah just wanna be sure…………Love Alaina :D p.s. I really like you :D

  15. Lol Well read the blog dude he says you used profanity dude YOU USED IT unless………….Nah! but………….No cant be……Maybe Leo lied?? Or maybe someone who told him lied? Idk im JUSS A GIRL GAWSH!

  16. lol! omh guess what dis weekend im dying my hair dark brown like leo’s hair! my uncle is a hair dresser BUT HE IS NOT GAY JUSS TO LET U KNOW!!! every time i say my uncle is a hair dresser they go “is he gay?” but he is not gay trust me nobody in my family is gay.

  17. hahahaha “Hes not gay juss to let you know!” Now that that cracks me up lol LOL!!! is he gay?? hahaha FUNNAY!!!!!!! anyways rly? cus yew gotta be way older than that to get hair died lol but yeah i got highlights xD pink nd green nd YEAH!!! lol xD but soon im,a get maii belly buttom pierced xD more information on me email me at acv307@hotmail.com im serious you wanna knwo more bout me email me :D nd nd nd nd nd nd nd PEACE BBY ~i love Leo Howard~ :D Nd kenzi…………….EMAIL ME MOREZ!

  18. Hey hey wait wait srry i do that alot so look out if im like OH OH OH OH over nd over i tend to dew that alot now lol idk why BUT anyways kenzi if yew die et take pics nd upload em for me tew see!!! Cus your rly pretty nd im like AHHHHH most ppl say im gorgous but i bet not! nd Leo would think Nd srry Leo If you see this but you would say nd im juss guessing you would You would say like EWWW SHES BAD LOOKIN but if yew saw ,e would yew think dif??? lol srry im rly rly rly RLY RLY!!! weird my friends nd ppl i know then tend to get used to et so if you think imk annoying or an adorable lil dork (idk why ppl call me tat but its true) Then get used to et or GET OUT lol phahahaha nyways Leo Your the best we all think you rule boii YOU DA BOMB FO SHOO! xD I love you :D

  19. ok lol wow alaina and i will take some pics but right now my hair is blonde and the pics on my e-mail r brown but its gonna be a darker brown! i was born blonde but my naturale hair color is brown so yeah lol

  20. Okay say that again cus tat makes no sense cus yew were born with blonde hair then how it possible for naturale color to be brown if yew werent born brown LOL

  21. my naturale hair started growing out once i got older so it was like my roots were dark brown and then the bottom part of my hair was blonde. do u get it now? sorry dats the best way i can explain it lol!!! xD

  22. well like im a total brown haird girl nd everyone for sume reason loves maii hair lol for exaple my ex he use to play wif maii hair when we went on dates lol nd like he calls me after nd says hey did yew see me playinwif yo hair nd i be like LOL YESH haha but now the bottom of maii hair ish liek blode but im natural brown so like my hair now has dif shades of colors in et lol

  23. wow lol thats funny xD

  24. Wow…okayy I jsut came bk from NYC! Tired. And it was an amazing trip! Saw the Statue of Liberity and The Empire State Buliding! One of the most famous bulidings in the world. : ) Well talk to u guys soon. : D

    (~~ I fly like paperrr. get high like planesss.~~)

  25. Ummm…? haha my hair is brownish black… : ) And i luv brown hair for some reason, i think its awesomee.!

  26. great job on leo littles big show!!

  27. I don’t have Twitter either! Wow. LoL Do u guys have Twitter?

  28. tring to call that number u have but every time i call it no1 ever answers? y is that does that phone still have service? well i was just wondering byee oh and call u blog of watever this is called cause i want to know wat the deal is wit that ok well i gotta go byee lol i love you!!!!!!!!!

  29. o ya and my hair is brown too!

  30. i hate twitter lol


  32. 16 til mine lol

  33. idk what im doin 4 my b-day

  34. lol im having bowling partay xD i wish yew could come kenzi :D

  35. Wowww. LoL my b-day is like in Dec. Gonna start school in a week! Freaked out. And im okkay. Turning TEN before was a big deal because it was 2 digits! Now im only turning 12 which is kinda oookay Haha. When i start school we are gonna have exams and essays and stuff like that. Twitter is like when most celebs talk about themselves. : ) You know i saw this store that was named 1997! LoL my birth year! : D

  36. LOL!!!!! Okaii so now everyone hates me for no reason aint tat aweshum like my ex told me to go suficate myself AINT TAT SWEET!!! :D

  37. heyyy

  38. your only nine jennifer!?!wow my birthday is on may 8th im turning 12 lol i did the math anl leo and i are only-……………. well i didnt do the math im tooo lazy! hahahaha

  39. oew no naver mind hahaha sorry jennifer

  40. lol!!! hahaha me nd leo arent that far apart acually you would think its like 30000 BILLION years away but nupe haha i acually did the math haah

  41. Leo?? We all loves yew Dew yew loves yhur fans??? hm hm hm? (adds presure) hm????? Lol srry just wonders…. And please pelase please PLEASE Leo please write something to me in your blog cus its my dream to atleast talk to you not even in person but i mean just the littles hi? will cheer me up nd make me happy forever :D so please think about it Leo :D

  42. i have a good question what happend to Leo’s music?

  43. know wut i noticed??????? like most of the comments r nt even about leo. except for rachels comments.

  44. ya. where is that music. i wanted to know what the fourth wun was where no one barley even talks. is dat like a reel song or did disney channel just put dat together????

  45. ima guy. i dont luv leo… awkward

  46. i am the same age as leo.

  47. LOl..yeahh awkwardd. Well again people u don’t have to LOVE people. Becuz u guys didn’t even meet him yet he prob will be nice and sweet but still. And yeah Jesse im turning 12 in Dec. So im basically Leo’s age like same year. : ) And how old are you Brennan? Lol.

    (One chance of a lifetime.)~~~

  48. So, Alaina & Jesse are the same age (1998)???!!!! Lol
    kinda confused before. Jesse, ur b-day is abit early right? ur sooo lucky. Mine is sooooo late. :( But its okay i guess. I can celebrate Christmas! Haha Except for the fact that i get gifts that are BOTH Christmas and B-day. :o
    (You would never know how i feel about youu.)

  49. my hair is like leos. and leo i dont wanna be racist. but r u half asian. i mean ur eyes kinda make u look half asian. i mean like were u adopted or anything???????? cuz r nt ur parents like white???? unless u r white and u were just born with strangely asian like eyes. any asians on this website i am affending? srry. especially leo if he is half asian. srry also. but u hav brown hair???? did ur dad hav like bou chica bou nou wit like an aisans chick but then they got divorced and then married a white person? and u look nothing like ur dad. but then again, u r good at karate. i mean most asians i know take karate and r pretty good at it too. so yah. u know u know u know wut. i think everyone else wants to know if ur r half asian too? i means cum on u guys. u know kinda wanna know. but then again all guts on sideswipe r not asian. so maybe leo really is white and good at karate like his team mates. but u know in that avatar thing u guys did on utube u sounded like an asian does when they do kicks and stuff like that. and that bald kid in the avatar show is asian. but then again again again again anyone could reinact avatar moves. u know wut it doesn’t matter. sorry i asked u. but um i kinda do wanna know so… like kinda tell us on ur website. unless disney or ur agency doesn’t want u to say or not.


  50. i am twelve . i was born in february in 2009. i think leo is cool though cuz of his karate skills and he is an actor and my age. and i wanna be an actor.

  51. technically i am like a few months older than leo

  52. The budget for leo’s movie is only $135,000!!!!!!!!!!! my dad makes more than that a year.

  53. i mean my dad makes more than that a year!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Niceee. and veryyy long comment. Yeah i’m Leo’s age too except im younger becuz of the b-day. : ) And wow. u like to ask alot of ques. And btw, it is RLY, KIND of racis to people. About karate AND the eyes? What the heck? Lol… Anways… weird O_o

    (It’s easy to lose sight of wat is important and then when it is gone, you realize how much it really meant to youu.)

  55. I kind of wanna be an actor too. Becuz people say i am very humorous and very sweet. I guess. haha And a good singer which makes me disagree. : ) So, yeahh. But i rly kno it is like one in a million chance to happen. ^_^

  56. srry if it was racist!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Lol..yeah it was… : ) Did u start school yet Brennan?

  58. omfg!!! lol so your really 11 jenn :O yew liar!

  59. Look at wot yew said brennan nd i copyed this k “#
    BRENNAN, on September 1st, 2009 at 4:12 pm Said:

    i am twelve . i was born in february in 2009. i think leo is cool though cuz of his karate skills and he is an actor and my age. and i wanna be an actor.” see brennan you said tht so yhur like not even 1 yr old yet LOL

  60. haha yeah he said that weird. But its common sense so you prob would understand that. Im not lying! Becuz i technially am 12 becuz its just my b-day is late… :O OOokayss?

  61. And its true that im the same age as Leo and Brennan. : ) Like the year and stuff. :D So i wasn’t lying! :O xD.

    ( Tick.Tock.Tick.Tock. 4 minutesss to savee the worldd.)
    Four Minutes by Madonna

  62. Lol haha no its by madona and justin timberlake LOL h=nd yes you are lying still hahahahahaha nd my b-day also late lol nd i missed cut off AINT TAT SWEET

  63. Oh My god serious Are you serious Okay Leo Not to sound mean or nuthin but PLEASE JUSS FREAKEN REPLY TO A MSG PLEASE PLEASE! i will be the happiest person on earth if you write me a msg not even even if it says i or something I WONT CARE JSUS PLEASE REPLY ima die DIE DIE please

  64. calm down calm down lol just kidding lol realy

  65. Hey Leo
    I saw your new pictures in the gallery. Awesome! And I know, it gets really annoying when other people try to impresenate you. It’s great that you had a fun time in Orlando! And I bet the new Leo Littles Big Show episodes are gonna be really cool. Talk to ya soon.

    See Ya,

  66. Lol rachel your aweshum :D

  67. wait what new pics?

  68. hey me and my friend alyssa made a website and the wesite is http://www.friends4life1998/webs.com!!!!!!!!! its not done but i think u can still go c it lol! and leo can u plz plz plz plz plz plz PLZ become a member im begging u lol

  69. i am starting to think that maybe rachel isn’t real. she is like the one who doesn’t seem to be friends with anyone on this website and she never leaves little messages, and she always does the same message format. maybe its leo himself

  70. i meant 1997

  71. how do i mess up like that???

  72. HUH? and brennan where do u live at?

  73. i liv in California.

  74. oh ok i was just wonderin cuz i got a brennan dat goes to my school and where at in california do u live? i have always wanted to live in california!!!!

  75. hi

  76. Hey,
    Of course I’m real. Why wouldn’t I be. Its just, I like writing notes to Leo. I like hearing what he has to say, and whats going on in his life. Talk to ya Soon Leo.

    See Ya,

  77. Heyy Leo,
    First of all I absolutely LOVED u in G.I. Joe and Shorts!!!! Also i totally LOVE ur hair!!!!


  78. Lol Brennan your right she has no proof shes real hahahahahaha lol and and brennnan haha i know right how can you mess tat up LOL hey brennan yew gotta email?? at like hotmail.com? eh eh MAKE one and add me :D i like to…….Talk…about…stuff…….:D

  79. add me to me and alaina tlk to each other all da time my email is kenzisov@hotmail.com well c ya

  80. oooookay….. wow i have no business watsoever. And im still not lying! THE TRUTH: Dec. 12, 1997. HAPPY? Lol. I can prove it and btw i think Rachel is real. I mean you can’t rly do that plus maybe she just likes to talk to Leo personally…
    Thats just weirdd…. Again, RESPECT UR ELDERS PPL.. : ) I luv saying that. :/ I have hotmail too but wow. I ahve to go to the school orientation tomorrow at 9:00-11:30pm!!1 AHHHH. Today i bought school supplies and i got like a lock for my locker. ^_^

  81. u guys hav lockers. we only hav PE lockers

  82. u always do that. and how can we believe u. how can we believe anyone??? wut if we r all. wut if i am a made up name? huh?? huh?? nah jk. i m real. i jsut got a little crazy.

  83. I liv near san francisco. i am not givin u my address tho

  84. LoL wow. yeah it’s true u can’t believe anyone. But im pretty honest. : ) we only start having lockers starting gr. 7. So thats why i just ahd them. : D I live In Canada, ON.

    (You were my onlyy. Even if the sky was falling down down.)

  85. well, gtg. G;night ppl! Sweet Dreamsss.

  86. lol brennan ur rly funny and if u look anything like leo ur freakin hot!!!! lol any that comment was funny u hav a good point there ant no i didnt think it wus racist or however u spell it lol!

  87. yeah it kinda was. Like seriously? And wow. Jesse… wow…. you didn’t even meet him yet and ur like..OMG. LoL. This rly reminds me of “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Haha. kinda weird. Well, Jesse its ur opinion anyways. : )

  88. Oh and Jesse, don’t you think you should judge more on personality. Becuz if u call a guy HOT. It kind of means more personality. Haha. I dunno wat im saying but ya anyway. Today i went to the orientation. Saw soo many of my classmates from last year. I got so frusterated with my locker i ahd to try 3 times before i got it. : )

    ( Words can’t be felt but can only be felt with your heartt.)

  89. WAIT…. that sentence was wrong.. Rephrase: It kind of means not rly talking about personality.) kk.

  90. Hey,
    Thanks Jennifer for telling all them that I’m actually real. I’m just another writer on here talking to Leo.
    Sorry but I don’t really like talking to you guys all the time mostly just Leo NO Affence To You Guys
    well by you guys and Leo

    See Ya,

  91. jennifer u dont even know me and if u wer smart enough i was calling leo hot!

  92. Npz. :) Rachel. I know i don’t know you and i kno you were calling Leo hot but i was just saying shouldn’t you care on personality more then appearance… what if someone was all hot and everything but was a jerk! ( not talking about Leo). I’m just trying to say that. : O

  93. MmmmmmmmmmmmH ok well i dont get wat ur saying.

  94. lol yeah true jen. i love u leo i actually had a dream bout u last night but i aint tellin cuz u wuld probly FREAK!!! LOL!!! oh and brennan y wuld i want ur address i dont know u,idk what u look like, i meen i dont like like u. if i did well never mind lol!!! i got guys at my school but dey all UGLY except dis guy named brennan (not the brennan on dis website) hey is kinda cute but i would never pick him over leo cuz idk there is just something about leo that i really like. he is not like any other guy i have ever met. leo is just a normal person 2 me. i got a call from selena gomez from her saynow number and i talked to her like she was a regular person. i didnt scream all i said was “Hi im Kenzi” she asked me where i lived and i told her! but it was pretty cool. i would do the same thing if leo called my number bck. im not the kind of girl who is all like “OMG ITS HIM ITS REALLY HIM AHHHHHH” LOL im just not the type of girl who does that!!!

  95. brennan were u talkin bout e-mail adress or real adress?

  96. LoL yeah same. And thanx Kenzi. yeah Celebs are the same as us but just famous. rly? U talked to Selena Gomez? Wow. haha And when i explained it..its kind of made sense. : ) not trying to be mean. anyways, you have plenty of time to find ur true love or the LOVE of your life! xD. Im gonna try out for drama maybee when i go to school. U kno some celebs get discovered at school plays or soemthing like that. :P But most don’t i think. And im not saying anything about true love yet or anything because im 11 (turning 12 in Dec.) pretty young and when the time is right i might find one. :P So inspiring, eh? haha jk. but yeahh.

    (~~Even if the sky is falling down down, you’ll always be the onee.~~)

  97. yeah but 4 now i know leo is the one,my true love,the one i have waited my whole life 4. idk but when i hear leo’s voice or see him i feel like there is a connection between us. i dont care what people think bout me likein leo i just care bout him and me knowing that he IS the one. (im not talkin bout ppl on dis site im talkin bout da girlz at my school) Leo i hope if my dream comes true

  98. (finishing last message) and we ever meet then u could feel the same way to. leo u r just diffrent then other guys idk y but u are i just love u wit all my heart. Leo if u read dis comment,think about what im saying and e-mail me what u think bout it at: kenzisov@hotmail.com plz i just really want to know what u think im not a girl who screams when it comes to celebrities, i meen its just like people u see every single day. you guys are just ppl and well just plz e-mail me what u think plz hope to hear from u soon!!!

  99. and yes i talked to selena gomez. when she has time she will call her fans back from her say now number and tlk to them. i didnt scream i did KINDA shake but just cuz i didnt know who it was. but i just talked to her like she was a real person and one of my friends

  100. Hey,
    I don’t just care about Leo’s apperance. I care about whats on the inside, how he thinks, and what he does.

    Hey Leo,
    I went on Leo Littles Big Show website and saw a new video. Awesome! Hope to see you in more.

    See Ya,

  101. thats what i was trying to say he is cute but its not all about a guys appearance but leo is sweet,smart,athletic,loves to read books,and thats what i love about him

  102. Wow. Cool. well i guess you guys really love him. Your love is pure i guess. The million dollar question is if he likes you back. And he is a lucky guy who his fans adore him and everything… true love isn’t just a crush on a guy who you barely know OR you just hear him talk. True love is if you have strong feelings and when you look at him your heart melts. Whoa. Did i just type that cause that just sounds funny. : ) And i guess u guys do? I probably won’t have a true love yet. I will prob find one when i’m like 16 or even older. One chance in your life. -sigh- feels weird talking about it. But right now you guys don’t have to worry about love. Worry when you are a teen. Haha. i still have like 1 or 2 more years. :/

    (It’s a loveee storyyy.)

  103. yeah that is the million dollor question and thats so true

  104. oh i heard a guy say this on a show: That’s the difference between real life and movies. There are no happy endings. xD. There are happy endings but.. u just got to pick the right onee. <3

  105. wit me and my ex it turned out to be an unhappy ending cuz my friends caught him kissing his EX gf while we were dateing and it broke my heart cuz i thought he was the one. now he has a crush on my bffl alyssa but she hates his guts trust me cuz

  106. he is so rude

  107. but im hopeing it will turn into a happy ending with me and leo cuz i know he wuld never cheat on any girl. but if it dont happen im gonna have to getover it and move on cuz we might not be 4 each other and we might be. but im really hopeing it will be a happy ending.

  108. Omg….at ur age u kiss already? Seriously? ur younger then me and u already date and kiss! O.o lOl,,, But wow. already boyfriendd troubles…. :/

  109. Well, you know you could meet other ppl. And its one in a million that he is the one. :/

  110. i dont wanna sound like a stocker, but wut skool do u go to kenzi. u sed u live in california and i hav never ever heard of a guy with the name brennan besides me of course.

    (i gotta feelin that tonights gonna be a good good night. woo hoo.)

  111. i hav hair just like leos.

  112. and uhh…thank u fr calling me… let me look at the comments…freakin hot. k. but i know a girl named jesse hoo goes to my skool and i like her.

  113. not that i mean ur not not pretty i m sure but ya u knows wut i means

  114. u know wut??? i hav not said anything bout leo like in two weeks. hey leo. its brennan. i am srry if like half of the comments rnt even bout u. make a new utube viedo. and as a joke. the people were using profanity on the fake twitter. o no!!!! like u don’t cuss. trust me i am twelve year old boy, ur a twelve year old boy, i think i know wut we say.

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    That little shawty’s fire burning on the dance floor
    Shes fire burning fire burning on the dance floor
    That little shawty’s fire burning on the dance floor
    Fire burning fire burning

    That body is a masterpiece
    The order is one in every hundred years
    But ain’t no doubt i’m taking it home
    Little mama game is about to change
    She’ll be on covers over the world

    She get it pop it lock it drop it that birthday cake
    Got a candle need to blow that crazy flame away
    Take my red, black card and my jewellery
    [ Sean Kingston Lyrics are found on http://www.songlyrics.com ]
    Shawty is cool like the fire
    Cool like fire

    Somebody call 911
    Shawty fire burning on the dance floor
    I gotta cool her down
    She won’t bring the roof to ground on the dance floor
    She’s fire burning, fire burning on the dance floor
    That little shawty’s fire burning on the dance floor
    Shes fire burning, fire burning on the dance floor
    That little shawty’s fire burning on the dance floor

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    No exit from the dance floor so them boys want more
    She got that fire in her dance that’ll make them fella’s run around
    Mandem get outta my way , everybody, sing it now
    No exit from the dance floor so them boys want more

    She get it pop it lock it drop it that birthday cake
    Got a candle need to blow that crazy flame away
    Take my red , black card and my jewellery
    Shawty is cool like the fire
    Cool like fire

    Somebody call 911
    Shawty fire burning on the dance floor
    I gotta cool her down
    She won’t bring the roof to ground on the dance floor
    She’s fire burning, fire burning on the dance floor
    That little shawty’s fire burning on the dance floor
    Shes fire burning, fire burning on the dance floor
    That little shawty’s fire burning on the dance floor

    Somebody call 911

  117. jen yhur 11 we are 10 we aint tht younger lol

  118. I Kno LoL its just a year younger. I wasn’t pretending im like 13! : P But we are veryy close to you being 11 and me being 12. Cause i talk to you like you are awesome friends. : ) So… yeah. So you hate me? Lol

    ~Fire Burning by Sean KIngston
    I Gotta A Feeling by Black-Eyed Peas~ xD.

    ~ Down by Jay Sean ft. Lil’Wayne~

  119. Baby are you down down down down down,
    Downnnnnnn, downnnnnnn,
    Even if the sky is falling down,
    Downnnnn, downnnnn
    Ooohhh (ohhh)

    (Verse 1)

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    Put on a show, i wanna see how you lose control,


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    (Verse 3)

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    Even if the sky is fallïng down,

  120. erm…… ok wats up with u guys and songs lol and brennan ur welcome and im probably not that girl u wer talkind bout cause i live in ohio hahahaha!but…..im hot like her to well atleast ppl call me that!

  121. ok leo i was looking at ur dads siye at the pictures and i SCREAMED when i saw that pic of u holding sutura ur sooooooooooo hot!

  122. Ooookay? Whoa. relax Lol. And nothin much, you? I just luvv music. its awesomeee. Oh yeah i havent talked to leo in soo long too! So Whats up Buddy? haha Hows the life?

  123. i dont live in california i said i wish i lived in california but i live in louisiana and i didnt kiss bailey he kissed his ex girl friend when me and bailey were dateing and i go to sj welsh but me and bailey were dateing when i was at my old school grand lake elm

  124. im in middle school now!!! i dont really like brennan no more (the one at my school) cuz he is a jerk and tries to impress me when im around him but he tries to impress me by tryin to act cool and stupid stuff like dat

  125. Lol my ex MAJOR IDIOT nd nd nd wow everyone is letting me down nd jen dont act like we are that young cus we arent we are your age dude srsly iv kissed 15 guys nd you havent kissed one nd you say we are to young but maybe boys juss dunt wanna kiss you?? ~Ima idiot shoot me now~

  126. wait jesse wot picture lol?

  127. oh. i go to thomas hart middle school in pleasanton, ca. ym grandpa lives in the same city as leo does though. cool right.

  128. lol your sounding desprate like saying “I look Just Like Leo” nd “my grandpa lives in the same city as Leo COOL RIGHT?” i mean that spells D.E.S.P.R.A.T.E no offence so yeah lol

  129. brennan duh hes white are you blind!!!!!! gawsh nd hes hotter than somehting really hot :D

  130. quote;u know wut??? i hav not said anything bout leo like in two weeks. hey leo. its brennan. i am srry if like half of the comments rnt even bout u. make a new utube viedo. and as a joke. the people were using profanity on the fake twitter. o no!!!! like u don’t cuss. trust me i am twelve year old boy, ur a twelve year old boy, i think i know wut we say. quote; OKay brennan i quoted wot yew said nd wot dew yew guys say? hm? im suppose to be in your grade nd i think nd act liek a 13 year old without even knowing im capible of knowing plus my big brother shoved a car door in my head nd a bounch of other stuff i should not mention but im not retarted i am in 7th grade math so yeah TALK TO MEH PPLZ EMAIL MEH ACV307@HOTMAIL.COM bah bamb email me

  131. desperate for….

  132. What the heck? Alaina???!!!! What do you mean that you kissed 15 boys and maybe no boy kissed me because no boy wants to??? Wat the hay? I didn’t kiss anyone yet is because I AM YOUNG! You can if u want but im just saying that i am young! And that im only a year older then you. Im not saying that i am verryy older! But im not only 1! IM not talking about age anymore you just keep on bringing that up! And Alaina.. and im in 8th grade math. LoL i am but im not boasting and on the plus side you aren’t supposed to be in Brennan grade because he is the same age as me so ur not… :/ I thought everyone was okay between us but u keep on replying VERY rude things. No offense. :/

  133. Lol to i care about your grades NO!!! dude i says im in 7th cus i think thats good for A 10 YEAR OLD gawsh WOW SO NOW YOUR SAYING THAT IM LIEING ABOUT HOW I MISSED CUT OFF ND SUPPOSE TO BE IN 6TH GRADE WOW JUST LEAVE ME ALONE DONT TLAK TO ME OR ANYTHING CUS SERIOUSLY JESSE WAS RIGHT! Am srry Leo You think ima freak nd i understand ~GoodBye World Im Killing myself~

  134. lol idk wot desprate for but my ex VERY DESPRATE thats why hes dating a girl everyone hates LOL now thats very very LOL

  135. Wat? Im okay im srry but… A 10 year old is supposed to go to gr. 6, isn’t? And im not saying about lying… And wat do u mean Jesse was right??? Okay im srry but still… And yeahh…. Don’t kill yourself because you kno that u are blessed to have a life like this… U are an awesome friend! Even tho we fight or argue… we are still friends… :/

  136. No im suppose to cus late b-day acually ask my dad he told me since everytime school starts my b-day is at the begining nd im suppose to be in 6th but i missed cut off nd forget it jesse is right like in some ways but i mess up everything i lost a really good friend who hates me cus i have low self esteem thats not my fault its how i am but usually im very sweet unless someone has really messed up, broke a promise,pissed me off,or just doesnt deserve to live eh thats just me sorry i fi piss you off but if you wanna be my friend deal with it

  137. Ooookayyy… but yeah… Do u mean you lost WHO? Which friend? xD. hmm….

  138. Well her name is Miranda i loved her so much (as friend) Me nd her where like this (twists finger) She was my bff untill i missunderstood soemthing then she turned on me after i opaligiced (dunt care if i spelled that wrong) but then shes like YOU KNWO WOT STOP YOU ……………. ND ……………. YOU ………. nd alot of more swears you dont wanna hear haha And then shes blocked me nd more stuff that just made me depressed

  139. Awww! Its okay. You have tons more friends! And watever fight you had then maybe she wasn’t worth it OR she isn’t your TRUE friend! :/ But Thanks again i guess. : )

  140. :OOOOOOOOO :D D but shes was really rude nd more stuffs haha but one of her friends hates her cus she hates me but i love Tyler (the friend who hates her now) (nd love her as friend) Shes so so so nice :D

  141. Aww hehe! Thats sweeet. : ) <3 Congratzzz. Almost your b-day! My b-day is in 3 months! LoL Talk to u soon Al!

    and glad you had fun in Orlando, Leo! xD.

  142. You knwo wot i dunt get is since when dus ppl start callings me Al!!! LOL i mean idc if you call me et i juss wanna know who started et LOL hahaha im aweshum i feel loved LOL haha nd ty Jenn Nd nd HAPPY EARLY B-DAY lol more like 3 MONTHS early :D nyways Sorrry if im anoyying Leo I bet you think that sorry if im jugdeing to BUT AHH IM MESSED UP gahh nyways You Rule Leo :D <3

  143. :O:O:O:O:O:O:O i love that face lol

  144. :O

  145. lol

  146. haha Awwwez! LOl and thankss! Turning 12 for me is not a big deal but turning 13 is HUGE! Cause its teen years, right? haha Well, thankss soo much Alaina! And i only started to call you Al from Sil! But its cuteee. <3

  147. And for my school i can’t wait till i be on the yearbook committee OR Drama club. : ) LOl i just lovee singing and acting! But not sure if i can do it infront of an audience. : D

  148. u hav not started skool yet. we started august 25th

  149. really? I start on Sept. 8 xD.

  150. Now im really sad………..:(

  151. Hey Leo,
    I went to the official website for your new movie “Logan”, and signed up for that updates thing. So I’m gonna get updates on whats going on with the movie. Cool, right. It looks like its gonna be a cool movie. Can’t wait to see it!

    See Ya,

  152. hahahaha so alaina wat r u to jennifer and jennifer wat r u to alaina? im really confused and u all r lucky i started school on AUGUST 27TH! so im so sad cause of that and if u go to that picture with that bull dog and click on it and then that bribds u to that home page then u will c a button thing caller puppies 4 sale and then u will c a pic of leo holding a dog and -Leo i hope u know i would pay 1,000,000,000,000, dollars for that dog just because u held it!- and hi brennan

  153. how did u get to the logan website?

  154. cool guys i just signed up for the updates 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (don’t fall victim to the plague)

  155. Rly? i never neard of the movie, “Logan” And 2 more days till school! AHHHH. Haha. I have Geography in the morning.. and wat do u mean wat am i to Alaina? Haha. : )

    ~Don’t let anyone break you down…~ Beautiful U R~ <3

  156. I went to Downtown today… did nothing except see places and went with friends. : ) Of course dowtown in CA, ON. LoL xD.

  157. Some one gimmie dah link to the logan website nd nd nd nd SHUT UP lol jk nd nd what dew yew mean by wot am i to jennifer? gawsh kids are so confusing

  158. http://www.realbean.com/loganthemovie/ here u go

  159. wait does anywun on dis website liv in california???

  160. i hav a cold. i feel awful

  161. THanK YOU SO SO MUCH BRENNAN -gives lil computer kissiefor no reasons cus i dew dat to friends- :D nd nd kenzi i was throwing up for th epast month nd i didnt complain

  162. wow i hope u feel better brennan! and i got to thet logan website i only gave my e-mail. but if any1 wants to e-mail me u can its jessehaig@ymail.com beyy! hi leo!

  163. Aww that sucks! Get Well Soon!~ <3 And thanks for the link im gonna see it tomorrow or so because right now it is midnight and my friend is sleeping over! xD. F-U-N! And no..i WISH i lived in California! But sadly i live in Canada, Ontario. :/ But its okay i guess. : ) And yeah talk to u guys soon. :P

  164. See no one cared that i was sick :D

  165. i care! And i hope u got bettter! Because u were throwing up the PAST month! Lol. Ppl care!^^

    (Beautifulll U R)

  166. :O :D Nd nd ty^^ oh oh oh Leo….? Will yew getta new blog or something or new pics? eh i ams so boreds of tis

  167. i hav the swine flu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. jk

  169. srry

  170. lol

  171. hi

  172. Lol brennan

  173. Hey Leo,
    Saw a few more pictures of you at the Shorts premeire, they looked really cool! So, what have you been doing? You haven’t wrote any new blogs in a while. But your probably busy. I mean with acting, friends, and family. You have to be busy. Talk to ya soon.

    See Ya,

  174. brennan you gotta email?

  175. Rachel are you real? eh where did yew see tah pics?

  176. hmm? SCHOOL TOMORROW! Lol. freaked outt. : )

  177. Hey,
    Didn’t we already go threw this. Ya, I’m real. I found the pictures on some website. Their really awesome!

    See Ya,

  178. lol srry rachel im juss so bored that i need to ask that question LOL whats the website?

  179. yeah my email is niner97@yahoo.com

  180. those pics of leo r a little old. u just saw them? no offfense….

  181. do u ever get emails from the fan club? or do u just need it to post comments.

  182. :O can i add yhur email brennan? heehee? lol i dont ever get emails frum tah fan club cus my computer has a virus stuck on it so google doesnt work nd when i wanna log into soemthing still dunt work lol

  183. I’m gonna add brennan? If u want. LoL
    mine is jen_jen_who_are_u@hotmail.com. : )

  184. lol add me brennan mines acv307@hotmail.com :D

  185. omg lol i noticed we are not paying attention to Leo hahahaahahahahahahaha LOL rofl copter

  186. k u can add me. uhgg tomorrow i hav skool. of course if i am still sick, then i might not go. watch me feel way better tomorrow when i actually hav skool.

  187. lol i just got bck from houston and i got tan. when im tan it brings out my eye color. hey leo how have u been? every time i go sumwhere i realy miss cin ur face. and brennan ima add uuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!! if u wanna add me mine is kenzisov@hotmail.com

  188. :O i like ChEeSe :D aint tat sumthin lol

  189. k i will

  190. how cum everyone has hotmail??

  191. ur email is fake.

  192. Becuz hotmail is gooood. : ) Haha. And yeah i added you. Mine is not fake. LoL or are u talking to someone else… : D
    Well yeah! School tomorrow! AHHHHHH. :O Haha. Talk to u guys lat3r. C u soon. Byees~~~

    ~(Get up and danceee.)~

    jen_jen_who_are_u@hotmail.com <- ADD ME. <3

  193. no kenzi’s email is fake.

  194. oh okayy. :O Well g’night. Gotta sleep son becuz fo school. :(

  195. im not my e-mail is yahoo who else has yahoo? well any1 can add me lol idc and my e-mail is jessehaig@ymail.com

  196. no mine isnt fake! i tried adding u and it wouldnt let me. but when i just now checked u were on my contacts list!!!! watch ill even send u an e-mail brennan

  197. ohh..maybe its diff… :O Well yeahh….

  198. what do u meen “maybe its diff”?

  199. Like maybe your computers are different system or something and so you guys can’t add each other? I dunno… :/

  200. oh ok. well now he is on my contacts list on my hotmail so i guess it worked. lol

  201. Hey pplz guess wot my bros b-day ish 2morrow me nd him are twinies 4 years nd 10 days apart but he looks juss likes me :D xD

  202. cool!!! hey alaina is mix pod juss like myspace??? and tell ur bro i said happy b-day!!!

  203. LoL Happy B-daysss!!! : ) And yay it worked! Haha. Twinies :P And school tomorrow AGAIN. afraiddd… haha jk. What’s up Leo? Does Leo go to school? LoL just wondering. i might not go on the comp for the whole school year because its a start of a whole new year! xD. But i might like on weekends and stuff. : )

    (~(I gotta hold on to youu. Uh oh its magiccc when i’m with youu.)~)

  204. :O kk i will nd yush it ish like myspace kenzi :D Yush Leo goes to school everyone does haha but he doesnt go to a actor school or something he goes to regular school

  205. ok im just gunna have to keep it from my parents and never tell any one sept friends. lol they wont let me have a my space all wll i made it and i dont wanna delete it!!!!!!!! and he either goes to a regular school or is homeschooled

  206. hey ppl click on my name!!!!!!!!

  207. mixpod ish awsome

  208. lol kenzi i showed yew mixpod LOL

  209. ppl click on maii name lol

  210. O.k. not to sound mean or so but did you guys ever stop to think…Maybe Leo’s Fake??? eh?? i mean lets see hes never talkign to us doesnt upload any other pictures and trust me iv seen alot more than he has on here i mean just think? if hes real then he would have proof eh?

  211. but i might be wrong

  212. i kinda agree with alaina. i mean leo is a rising star. he doesn’t hav time for this kinda blogging stuff. i mean he is filin logan. the only free time he has is when he is sleeping. but then again i cood be wrong.

  213. omg kenzi u sharea b day with my mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  214. OMG cool!!! nick jonas’ b day is the day before!!! and alaina i hope luke says yes!!!!

  215. alaina my mom said i cant date luke cuz he is to far away and then cause sum times people act like kids on the internet then can kidnap u. and i can only be his friend on the internet

  216. i live by him nd he dunt kiddnap lol and luke like syou kenzi :( this ish sadz

  217. yeah so we will never know huh brennan? but we could be wrong but since there is no proof i mean…

  218. i know but my mom said i cant date him but i can be his friend and txt him but if i date him my mom is gonna tell my dad then my dad will have a LONG tlk wit me then take away my phone. i wish i culd date him but i just cant lie to my parents if i do date him. id feel terrible if i did lie. tell him im sorry and i do like him still but i just cant date him.

  219. :(

  220. :(

  221. >:(

  222. lol im stupid im trying to make sad and mad faces!!! as u can tell it aint workin out so well lol

  223. Wow. ALOT of comments when i was gone! xD. For like 3 days. Kenzi, u wanna date Luke? Why? and… If u could it would be long-distance relationship. But its okay i guess. Wait… when do ppl start dating in the US? Or is it the same in CA? LoL Haha u can click on my name for my hotmail. i don’t have myspace becuz i just don’t feel like having it. :/ : ) And school was horrible today. We have Soccer try-outs tomorrow. I hope i make it. But im not sure but i made it last year. o.o Talk to u guys soon.

  224. And Leo…i bet he is real because i don`t think he would make up his blogs. And u can check like the contact things and the pics and stuff like that. Logic Lol but there is no proof except for his blog and contacts and pics…. O_o

  225. Lol!! people who are fake find the pics nd put them up DUH! Wow!!!!! People are freaken freaks!! k k k k k k k k mhm yeah oh oh oh oh Leo if you are real (i may be wrong) but if your real You should make a youtube vid saying you are nd your websites leo-howard.com mhm!! or take a pic of a sign of you holding leo-howard.com-IM REAL! mhm that will make me believe so yah

  226. O.k. jenn shut up sorry but i mean like its kenzi kats life dunt tell her how to live it gawsh!

  227. Lol!! im a pro at soccer i can kick it so so so high you should see me!!! you will be like WOW!!! ISH SHE A PRO OR SOMETHINGZ? well yesh im aweshumz at it nd sorry guys if i have mood swings juss my ex WONT GET OFF MY BACK!!!!! HES THREATNIN TO KILL ME ! :( BUT I CAN KICK HIGH ND KICK HARD SO IMA HURT HIM HURT HIM GEWD!

  228. llolololol hahaa

  229. …………. [no comment]……………

  230. Did u make the soccer team? If he writes on his blog and says he is real then i believe him…i guess i trust ppl alot so if they are lying then they don’t deserve trust. LoL But u don’t have to if u don’t to. : ) Oh and yeah i kno its Kenzi’s life but i just wanna ask if she is… Becuz she said so herself. And i didn’t tell her how to live it. :O lmfao. U kno i hate lockers.. a book fell on my head Lol and a pencil case fell too from my friends locker. It was a weirdd say. We haave soccer in P.E!!!! And Thanks Alaina for like writing on my profile on hotmail! I luv emails or comments. : ) <3

    [[One in a million chances of finding someone like youu.]]

  231. hi guys im :) ,:(,and :? right now and :? meens feelin weird lol! well in tha way im puttin it lol!!!!

  232. =(

  233. call me-1-800-idk-lolz. lol i told yall im bored c idk what 2 tlk bout and i added some pics of me on my hotmail check-em out!!!1

  234. LOl sure :) And Lol weird facee. :S I gotta sleep soon.. Midnight. :O And i gotta go to a place tomorrow its SATURDAY! Wooooohooo! <3 Lmfao. Well lat3rs ppls. :) Take Care and C u guys soon! Byees! With all love, Jenn. <333

  235. there is this huge thunder and lightening storm at m house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  236. WOOT!! lulz haha yupz i made soccer team i always dew im planing to become pro soccer player when im older nd be a actress :D i love to play soccer im so good at it if i could upload the video of my soccer game nd how good i waas i would lol but i cant

  237. Kenzi you said those pics were old mhm LIAR LIAR LIAR! lmfao kk pplz cya

  238. Wow. K Haha MY fave sports are soccer, basket ball, swimming. :) And other sports too but i like those the best. : ) My dream job is actress and maybe singing… :/ Haha :)

    Now won’t you promise me… that you’ll neverr forgett.]]

  239. hey guys. i am bak. i was still sick tilll yesterday. it was awful. i missed so much skool and now i am paying for it. gtg.

  240. lalalalalalal WE WON THE SOCCER GAME 4 TO 1 WOOT WOOT im tah bets lol

  241. best sorry haha

  242. LoL wooot! Congratz! -high fives- Are u playing rep soccer or just join the team? xD.

  243. hey leo im sure u get this a lot but im a big fan annnnnnd i do kick boxing and the weird thing is my b-day is july 14 1997 we r meant to be lol
    l8r margaret

  244. rep soccer?? lol huh? -high fives backz-

  245. Hey Leo!
    It’s Chesta again…
    The only thing I wanted to say is…
    Why do people do that it’s really dumb.
    It’s wrong too…
    Oh and I love “Shorts” the movie..
    You pretty awesome…
    Keep on actin!

  246. who is chesta????

  247. lmfao seriously who is chesta haha chestas neva been on here O.K. ANOTHER FAKE haha

  248. People click on my name haha and listen to the song its freaken funny hahahaha

  249. Lol rep is like when u have to try-out for a team and compete against other rep teams. xD. And oookaay? xD. Cooool. HMWRK. aahhhhhhhhhhh. Picture Day is soon! And im going to a class sleep-over trip at a camp for 3 days. : )

  250. omg!!!!! i go to some camp to!!! lol hoo else does???any1?lol ok well ppl please rrmind me to not wear jeans to school untill fall i was burnin up….. really i allmost passed out!

  251. Omg my picture day ish friday ^^ lmfao nd sunday ish my b-day i cant wait cus soon my hair ish gonna have blue nd green nd more crap LMFAO ima look emo but im not emo lmfao

  252. I GOT MY HAIR EXTENTIONS now i have blue,purple,yellow,nd orange hair :D

  253. know wut i just noticed, in leo paragraph, he says “we worked and played really hard…” it kinda sounds nasty. i dunno maybe thats just me.

  254. LMFAO LMFAO its does sound wrong in so many ways nd sick on so many levels but it might juss be me nd brennan lmfao im the type of person whos funny nd makes ppl laugh when they dutn want to nd im very adorable^^ :D lmfao

  255. lol thursday im gettin my nails dun then i guess sometime dis weekend im goin c 2 movies then sulpher water park!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alyssa is comein over this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we r truly BFFL!!!!! 4 1/2 years we have been friends!!!!!!!!!!!!! ever since she walked in my class room in second grade!!!!!! even tho we go to diff schools nd have diff friends,we both say “no one culd ever come between us cuz were sisters 4 life!” well yeah!!!! this thursday is my b-day and then tomorrow is nick jonas’ b-day!!!!!!!!!! love ya leo!!!!! MUAH!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :* :* :*

  256. Leo u are an
    amazing actor!!:)
    haha well i hope u
    keep acting and ur
    also awesome at martial arts!!
    well ur like my fav actor!!!!

  257. i hav a new girlfriend. Her name is kortney and she is super cute!!!!!

  258. T.m.i. brennan LMFAO LMFAO haha sorry and gawsh i hate my ex brennan are yew tough??? lmfao can yew email my ex nd tell him to back off he tied a rope to my neck nd good thing i punched him he let go then i ran lmfao maybre brennan????

  259. lmfao iv know luke since i was 7 hahah thats 5 years LMFAO haha

  260. i ment maybe in tah other msh

  261. the thing is no one ever cares if it my birthday i was a mistake i should not be here
    (or at least thats what all of my family says except for parents) i hate having 3 other sibs a brother in collage hes 20 a sis in collage shes 19 a bro in highschool hes 15 nd me the lil dumby retard whos turnin 11 whos suppose to be in 6th grade but didnt make the cut off but was close if only they didnt change the cut off to september 1st when i was in preschool eh.. like i said i bet im a mistake with no friends and everyone hates me…………~be yourself where everyone will judge~

  262. Comment

  263. srry lol, i had to type this msg like 6 times becuz it won’t enter so im not gonna type in big portions. Haha. Haven’t been on the comp for 3 days :O

  264. And i feel sooooo left out of the gf and bf stuff!!! BOO-HOO. im JOKING! haha it doesn’t matter. But anyways, i have NO IDEA when picture day is! Except that i know that Junior High, you have to wear uniforms! Gr. 7 is like annoying to go to classes but my locker issue is better and okay now. :)

  265. AND. haha sorry guys, Awww HAPPY EARLY B-DAY Alaina and Kenzi! Congratz guys! Happy Happy b-day! Haha. And Awww everyone is special in there own special way no matter who says anything! <3 Luv urself and others. rofl. <333 Well talk to u guys lat3r whenever i get on the comp which might be tomorrow OR the day after or AFTER or whenever. U get the idea. : )

  266. i also got elected class representetive for the student council. but y wood i wanna email ur boyfriend and tell him to back off

  267. Lmfao idk haha see………everyone hate me :D like brennan nd i dont even no who you are nd i bet you dont look like leo at all hahahaahaha and if you think i am weird and stuff well read my blogs on stuff and you will know why :D have a good life……..cus im for shure not having one

  268. aww u do have a great life! Everyone has an awesome life! You and everyone is special! So don’t feel sad about ur life. :O Im going to my school camp trip in 4 days! xD. And Happy b-dayz again! AND u are turning 11! WOOOOT! When i turned 11 we had like a party and me and my friend we were torturing my other friend. It was hilarious! Haha. Wish i could come and say Happy B-day to you directly! :( <3

    ^-Caught Up in youu.-^

  269. i dont get anything for my b-day all i get ish dinner thts it …………

  270. leo!!!!! put up another update. i has been like almost three weeks.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  271. it i mean not i

  272. Hes fake well i might be wrong but theres no proof hes real i mean seriously

  273. Heres mroe bout me im very loveable i have a low self esteem so get use to it i love to be funny and play sports like soccer,basketball,football,baseball,and tennis im sweet and kind most of my friends can live with me being all the things i am and they dont care cus they are always prepared if anything happens i love all my friends they are aweshum they are the only thing i really care about my dream is to become an actress wich will be happen soon, im very creative and love to do anything thats not B.O.R.I.N.G. i catch on to stuff easily im a very well A+ student and do well in school im thinking of becoming a pro soccer player to maybe…and thats all you need to know^^

  274. Hey leo i am a big fan of you just wanted to say hey and i love your movies and leo littles big show you probably have heard of my best friend jesse. I no that she loves you! she is a really big fan appartenly ha……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………so just wanted to see what this was like and i hope that you have so much making new leo littles big show skits and that maybe you will hear from me again and also my friend jesse!!!!! so just live the life byeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  275. I ment more justa f.y.i.

  276. how do u get 2 ur home on imvu alaina? and hey leo how are ya? u rock nd ily so much!!!! ur cute!!!!! im love ya a lot!!!!! ;)

  277. Heyy Leo! Haven’t wrote on this blog for 3 days! Haha on Monday im going to the camp thing! about 1 more day! Are u guys Christian? Just asking. Lol. And can’t wait for MOnday! Haha we are like gonna play games with my classmates and go kayaking, etc. We are staying there for 3 days. The camp place is like a rural location (i learned that in geography a few days ago! Haha. It’s near the Town of Apsely or something like that. C u guys soon! Wish me fun! : )

    (You’re all i see when i think of foreverrr.)

  278. bye!

  279. Hi Hi! This is Estefany here! Its like Stephanie but with an E in the front :) Any wayz this website is awsome!!!!! Leo ur so awsome! Bye!
    PS. I am real.Its just that im new! Bye!

  280. Wow am i madder than mad :D For some reason kenzi stupid friend alyssa keeps saying im ugly nd stupid nd fat nd crap ND I DID NOTHIN TO HER!

  281. -going to kill myself-

  282. leo, can u like write something new???? maybe bout us cuz like we r like the only people who write on ur blog???? idk. can u please write something new?

  283. lol…. Aww Alaina! Don’t care about what she says! Just ignore her! And she barely even knows you. She is prob jealous! Lol. jk. But ya… TOMORROW CAMP! Gotta pack soon. : ) And what’s up Leo? How is ur life? lol. Btw are u going to do any new shows or movies? Just asking. Well talk to u guys soon! Prob on Wed night or next weekend. :O

    [[Amazingg Lovee.]]

  284. Leo is a great actor!!! My birthday is July 8.

    I saw his movies Shorts! It was very cute and funny.


    S I R G A Y

  285. DUDE!!! You were so awesome in GI Joe!!!!! I freaked out when I saw you.

  286. lmfao i hate school hahahahah lmfao i rly dew idk why but i dew haha im now 11 nd happy but i mean it she said that all cus i called a girl whos faking selena gomez fake she yelled cus she though shes real so now BLAH BLAH all dis happend lmfao -love ish the best keep it i fyou can dont let it run away from you or dont push it away-

  287. Lol.. awww!! I just finished packing for tomorrow! AH. Exhausted. :O Yay ur 11 now! Congratz! Haha..rly? Selena Gomez…… :OOO I like got songs for my ipod and got movies in them too! xD. And photos! I won’t be here for 3 days. So yup. Talk to u guys soon! Luv u guys!!!! <333 ;)

    [{ Would u freefall down a cliff....if you had to save a life?}]

  288. alyssa isnt jelious and alaina she said tht she is sry its juss that she is a huge fan of selena’s and juss got so overworked!!!

  289. FYI not to be mean (Alaina), but I have been here…. I don’t comment as much…. Just tell people… Just in case the call me other names…. Or is wondering who I am… If you click on my name… That’s my website that I made! I am a BIG fan of Leo and I bet you are too! But it doesn’t really call for rudeness…
    I don’t come here often though, I just look at his sight and see if anythings new!
    I don’t comment as much either… So maybe that’s it!
    Oh and PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ DON’T say you DON’T care… I do if you’re calling me FAKE! WHICH I”M NOT!

  290. y has he not blogged in like 4ever??? Just wondering… :)

  291. it has almost been a month

  292. Yup… hmm IM BACCKKK!! Anyone miss me? xD. I feel sooo sick! :( I got like a sore throat and a cold! The camp was raining but we still went on a whole day hike when it WASN’T raining but today we played games and i got back in the afternoon. And i was only joking. lol. And yea i don’t call ppl fake! Its rude and obnoxious! Lol maybe not obnoxious but that was the only word that was in my head right now. : ) well talk to u guys soon! I feel horrible! :( C u soon.

  293. k leo have u forgotten about us??????

  294. hey leo how r ya??? i miss u so much and thx so much 4 makeing this blog!!! i really appreciate it!!!! Nd guys Leo has been busy with probly fiming LOGAN and maybe even sideswipe. U juss gotta give him sum time,i meen he cant do everything at once. He will blog when he gets a chance and im sure he has not 4gotten bout us!!! How culd Leo 4 get HIS OWN fans? i meen really. Juss give him a while and he will blog when he has free time.

    c ya,

  295. Yeah thats true Kenzi. He’s a celeb. He is prob busy or even catching up on sleep! Haha i’m still kind of sick btw. And yea. I had to catch up on alot of school hmwrk even tho im only in gr. 7 haha. :P And i don’t think he would forget. Just prob busy… famous people, celebs are just like everyone else but famous. :/ so im SURE he did NOT forget about us. And yeah thanks i appreciate too but most celebs have blogs but yup. Thanks once again and hope to talk soon. : )

  296. hey everyone im back from the hospital anyone miss me? ( of course not) well crista or whatever someones………….D.E.S.P.R.A.TE. and please dont talk to me i dont like fake stalkers………. so anyways yeah im back but i will be gone for another month so bye

  297. Awww really, why? What happened? Sickness, Ur arm? Or something like that! FEEL BETTER! I’ll pray for you! Btw if all u guys have to know that i AM a Christian but don’t be racist about religious beliefs. lol. well anyways… Get Well Soon! :O

  298. lmfao im christian to but i dont really show et that much for reason idk haha and its cus sickness :(

  299. oh.. Aww! Im feeling better but i still have a cough and a sore throat abit! :( Well feel better! I`ll pray for youu! And i go to a Christian school too and church. Lol i show it abit, not like i don`t show it at ALL. :P Well yea, i gotta do hmwrk… Talk to u guys soon. Take Care

  300. k leo. a new update would be nice considering it has been like a month said you have said anything

  301. Rephrase: – since*** u have said anything- lol.

  302. yeah so ima be gone FOR A LONG TIME 1 cus my comp ish being fixed nd 2 im sick so bye bye luvs yew all (no gay juss friends)

  303. Leo is a good actor


    S I R G A Y

  304. Leo is a good actor


    S I R G A Y

  305. I am a big fan of G.I. Joe and Shorts

    He makes great movies!!

    Sergei (Sirgay)

  306. Lol of course we know that ur just saying it as in friends! lol but we wouldn’t call you gay.. we would call you Lesbian. Haha but yeah anyways. I had to send my geography teacher pictures… :O Hmwrk.. i had to get a toad from outdoors for my science project which is to make an ecosystem. :/ So yeaaa… it might die xD. So Leo, what’s up? Hoope you aren’t too busy! Take it easy and have an awesome life. : )

  307. I hav an idea!!!!!!!!! how about we stop going to leo’s website and stop writing comments until leo writes something new???!!!!!!!

  308. Leo is a funny person. He makes good movies.

    I really enjoy watching him in movies. I am a big fan of Leo.

    Sergei S I R G A Y

  309. Um….. u can do that. lol i’m not becuz i wouldn’t just stop becuz someone isn’t writing. xD. And plus we’re his fans and fans stick with their role model or whatever. lol. soo much hmwrk… i only go online at like late… :O

  310. ok. i guess i kinda broke the rule i am back on. umm…. today has been exactly a month since leo wrote anything.

  311. lol. yeaaaaaaa. A month? wow. i gotta alot of hmwrk in gr. 7! :O

    A million stars surround us – Wishing on each one…

  312. i just hit myself in the eye with the computer ouch!!!!

  313. Oh…owwww are u okay? That must hurt. :/ Feel better! lol. Homework… Anyways, What’s up Leo? Hows ur year going and your life? : )

  314. 300!! im the 300th person to post BAH BAMB I RULE! major pwnage

  315. hey leo!!!

  316. You r so LOL

  317. i love so much leo

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